M. Joan Gibat


A Memorial written by Norman Edlo Gibat (ex-husband). A trip that Norman Edlo, and Kathleen took to Milton Center

Joan early days

Milton Center

Norman Edlo and Joan

Selenby days

Texas days

Whole Family

Joan at GSA Print shop

Diary from late 1969 to 1971, password protected


In the following weeks we (Norman Edward, Stephanie and myself) are going to be scanning in more of her pictures and posting them on this site. We have found a diary, love letters and poems written by Edlo to Joan when they were courting. We do not have a complete accounting of all the people in the pictures, so if you have information about time frame, place, and persons please contact me, and I will include this information as well. Some of the pictures have been adjusted because of fading, yellowing and other degrading items, If anyone wants higher resolution files, that can be arranged.

Also if you are interested in having free WEB space and/or E-mail under gibat.org please contact Norman Edward.